Data Analytics Course in Noida, Join Best Institute 2020 (2023)

Data Analytics Course in Noida, Join Best Institute 2020 (1)

Data Analytics Course in Noida, Join Best Institute 2020 (2) 4.9 out of 5 based on 19527 students rating.

Data Analytics Course in Noida is designed as per the Industrial Requirement with Live Project. Join Best Data Analytics Training Institute in Noida with 100% Job Assistance. TechVidya have a team of highly experienced professionals faculties with more than 12 years of experience in Data Analytics and other related Technologies.

Our faculty members are fully aware of industry requirements and ready to deliver full-fledged and industrial based Data Analytics Training to students across Noida. We at TechVidya, provide our students with a perfect platform to learn and explore the subject from corporate trainer & industry experts.

As a leading Data Analytics training institute in noida, TechVidya's Certified Data Analytics Certification (TCDAC) course offers the best Data Analytics Training in Noida with most experienced professionals and Expert Mentors. Our expertise Data Analytics course to our students help them to receive hands-on tutoring in a real time scenario including with Data Analytics live project. We transform the experience of Data Analytics course by providing in-depth syllabus with real-time scenarios. Every topic covered under our Data Analytics Course is in most practical way with real-time examples.

We should also ensure that our students always ready for cracking the interviews at the end of our training program.

At TechVidya, we offer our students with classroom training, corporate training and training in Data Analytics Program. We have run both the batches for weekday and weekend that help our students to choose convenient batch as per there requirement. Welcome to board and join Noida's No. 1 Institute for Data Analytics Training.

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Join Best Data Analytics Course Institute in Noida

As Best Data Analytics Training Institute in Noida, We Designed our Data Analytics course in such a way that it's compliant with the real world requirements for both beginners to advanced level students. Our Data Analytics Course is constructed as per the Current Industry Standard with Live Project Based Training. At TechVidya, we offering a comprehensive and one-to-one Data Analytics training program to our students. We cover all of Data Analytics related topics more practically and easily manner with relevant examples. We help our students to dream high and how to achieve it. Welcome to the board, enrolled with us for the most demanding skill in the world. Data Analytics Course in Noida by Techvidya will help to make your career to a new height.

When anybody looking for Data Analytics Training institute in Noida, they will be looking for an institute which have perfection to deliver Data Analytics content to there students with relevant and real-based examples. We, at TechVidya, are the Best Data Analytics Training Institute in Noida for you because we have more than 10+ years of expertise in providing Data Analytics training as per industry requirement with live project. Our faculties are well experience in providing Data Analytics training and expertise on there core. Even when you start as very beginner level to learn Data Analytics, you will become an Data Analytics Professional once you complete our Data Analytics Certification.

Data Analytics Course in Noida, Join Best Institute 2020 (4)

Data Analytics Introduction

Data Analytics refers to the techniques to analyze data to enhance productivity and business gain. Data is extracted from various sources and is cleaned and categorized to analyze different behavioral patterns. The techniques and the tools used vary according to the organization or individual.

It can be defined as the process by which you can inspect, cleanse, transform, and model data with a pure goal to discover important information, informing conclusions, and support your decisions.

As an enormous amount of data gets generated, the need to extract useful insights is a must for a business enterprise. Data Analytics has a key role in improving any business. Here are 4 main factors which signify the need for Data Analytics:

  • Gather Hidden Insights – Hidden insights from data are gathered and then analyzed with respect to business requirements.
  • Generate Reports – Reports are generated from the data and are passed on to the respective teams and individuals to deal with further actions for a high rise in business.
  • Perform Market Analysis – Market Analysis can be performed to understand the strengths and the weaknesses of competitors.
  • Improve Business Requirement – Analysis of Data allows improving Business to customer requirements and experience.

Data Analytics Course Syllabus

Data Analytics training syllabus designed by TechVidya, Noida is completely based on the current industrial requirement of the companies with live project work. We Provide complete data analytics from beginner to advanced level.

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Brief history of Data Analytics
  • What is Data Analytics?
  • Why is Data Analytics important?
  • What benefits does Data Analytics have?
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  • High-Level overview of Data Science / Machine Learning project management methodology
  • Random Variable and its definition
  • Probability and Probability Distribution
  • Balanced vs Imbalanced datasets
  • Sampling Funnel, its application and its components
  • Measure of central tendency
  • Measure of Dispersion
  • Expected value of probability distribution
  • Measure of Skewness
  • Measure of Kurtosis
  • Various graphical techniques to understand data
  • Installation of Python IDE
  • Anaconda and Spyder
  • Working with Python with some basic commands
  • Normal Distribution
  • Standard Normal Distribution / Z distribution
  • Z scores and Z table
  • QQ Plot / Quantile-Quantile plot
  • Sampling Variation
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Sample size calculator
  • T-distribution / Student's-t distribution
  • Confidence interval
  • Parametric vs Non-parametric tests
  • Formulating a Hypothesis
  • Choosing Null and Alternative hypothesis
  • Type I and Type II errors
  • Comparative study of sample proportions
  • 2 Proportion test
  • Chi-Square test
  • Non-Parametric test
  • Non-Parametric test continued
  • Hypothesis testing using Python
  • Scatter Diagram
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Principles of Regression
  • Introduction to Simple Linear Regression
  • R shiny and Python Flask
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Scatter diagram
  • Ordinary least squares
  • Principles of regression
  • Splitting the data into training, validation and testing datasets
  • Understanding Overfitting vs Underfitting
  • Generalization error and Regularization techniques
  • Introduction to Simple Linear Regression
  • Heteroscedasticity / Equal Variance
  • LINE assumption
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Model Quality metrics
  • Deletion diagnostics
  • Principles of Logistic Regression
  • Types of Logistic Regression
  • Assumption and Steps in Logistic Regression
  • Analysis of Simple Logistic Regression result
  • Multiple Logistic Regression
  • Confusion matrix
  • Receiver operating characteristics curve (ROC curve)
  • Lift charts and Gain charts
  • Lasso and Ridge Regressions
  • Logit and Log Likelihood
  • Category Baselining
  • Modeling Nominal categorical data
  • Supervised vs Unsupervised learning
  • Data Mining Process
  • Measure of distance
  • Types of Linkages
  • Hierarchical Clustering / Agglomerative Clustering
  • Non-clustering
  • Why dimension reduction
  • Advantages of PCA
  • Calculation of PCA weights
  • 2D Visualization using Principal components
  • Basics of Matrix algebra
  • SVD – Decomposition of matrix data
  • Definition of a network (the LinkedIn analogy)
  • Measure of Node strength in a Network
  • Introduction to Google Page Ranking
  • What is Market Basket / Affinity Analysis
  • Measure of association
  • Apriori Algorithm
  • Sequential Pattern Mining
  • User-based collaborative filtering
  • Measure of distance / similarity between users
  • Driver for recommendation
  • Computation reduction techniques
  • Search based methods / Item to item collaborative filtering
  • SVD in recommendation
  • Vulnerability of recommender systems
  • Sources of data
  • Bag of words
  • Pre-processing, corpus DTM and TDM
  • Word Clouds
  • Corpus level word clouds
  • Semantic network
  • Clustering
  • Extract Tweets from Twitter
  • Extract user reviews of the products from Amazon, Snapdeal and TripAdvisor
  • Install Libraries from Shell
  • Extraction and text analytics in Python
  • LDA
  • Topic Modeling
  • Sentiment Extraction
  • Lexicons and Emotion Mining
  • Deciding the K value
  • Building a KNN model by splitting the data
  • Understanding the various generalization and regulation techniques to avoid overfitting and underfitting
  • Probability – Recap
  • Bayes Rule
  • Naive Bayes Classifier
  • Text Classification using Naive Bayes
  • Elements of Classification Tree - Root node, Child Node, Leaf Node, etc.
  • Greedy algorithm
  • Measure of Entropy
  • Attribute selection using Information Gain
  • Ensemble techniques
  • Decision Tree C5.0 and understanding various arguments
  • Random Forest and understanding various arguments
  • Boosting / Bootstrap Aggregating
  • AdaBoost / Adaptive Boosting
  • Stacking
  • Gradient Boosting
  • Extreme Gradient Boosting (XGB)
  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Biological Neuron vs Artificial Neuron
  • ANN structure
  • Activation function
  • Network Topology
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Classification Hyperplanes
  • Best fit “boundary”
  • Kernel Trick
  • Introduction to time series data
  • Steps of forecasting
  • Components of time series data
  • Scatter plot and Time Plot
  • Lag Plot
  • ACF - Auto-Correlation Function / Correlogram
  • Visualization principles
  • Naive forecast methods
  • Errors in forecast and its metrics
  • Model Based approaches
  • Model-Based approaches
  • AR (Auto-Regressive) model for errors
  • Random walk
  • ARMA (Auto-Regressive Moving Average), Order p and q
  • ARIMA (Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average), Order p, d and q
  • Data-driven approach to forecasting
  • Smoothing techniques
  • De-seasoning and de-trending
  • Econometric Models
  • Forecasting Best Practices
  • Forecasting using Python
  • Covering all the concepts
  • Project Work
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Question Preparation

Download Syllabus

Current Job Openings for Data Analytics Profiles

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We are currently available with below-mentioned vacancies ready available with us. If you are looking for a placement and interested, you can send your resume to us -

Company Name: VcubeC Data Analytics Pvt Ltd

Job Title: Executive - Software Engineer (Analytics)

Experience Required: 1-2 years

Location: Sector-63, Noida

Job Profile: Should have worked on at least two projects using supervised / unsupervised / reinforcement learning models to build decision products / applications. Having excellent knowledge of technologies like Python, Tensorflow, Keras etc.

Company Name: Dynamic IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Job Title: Business Analyst - Data Analytics

Experience: 0-5 years

Location: Sector-58, Noida

Job Profile: Develop analytical models to assess the impact of changes to pricing and products on business profitability and scale. Create various algorithms for optimizing demand & supply data.

Company Name: Akshamaala Solutions Pvt Ltd

Job Title: Data Analyst

Experience: 2-3 Years

Location: Sector-8, Noida

Job Profile: Ability to analyze existing tools and databases and provide software solution recommendations. Demonstrated experience in handling large data sets and relational databases.

Company Name: Info Edge India Ltd.

Job Title: Data Analyst

Experience: 2-3 Years

Location: Sector-132, Noida

Job Profile: Data Analysts would be in charge of conducting extensive, accurate analysis of the existing Business Operations. Responsible for gathering data and developing solutions.

Our Top Placement Partners

Data Analytics Course in Noida, Join Best Institute 2020 (5)

How TechVidya Placement Process Works?

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As an industry leader in noida to provide technical training in various software and live project work, TechVidya also leads in rendering placement assistance to our students with the help of dedicated placement cell. We help our students to get a foothold in the corporate world by design their resume as per the latest industry need. When a student completes training with us, we also add value to candidates skill by organizing personality development sessions which also include a mock interview, discussion & presentation skill etc. These add on skills help our candidates to present themselves confidently at the time of actual interview. We believe in perfection and that's why providing quality education along with required industries skill which adds value to our student's growth and once there course is completed they are fully ready for industry to face any challenges. Only proper knowledge and skill helps anybody to success in life and its the only formula we implement in our students so that they able to achieve their dream jobs in companies like HCL, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, IBM, Oracle etc.

Data Analytics Course in Noida, Join Best Institute 2020 (6)

TechVidya Data Analytics Certification

Data Analytics Course in Noida, Join Best Institute 2020 (7)


TechVidya Institute Offers best Data Analytics training in noida by highly skilled & professional industry experts.


TechVidya Institute offers a wide range of Data Analytics certification in noida designed to take your career to the next level.


With Data Analytics certification, candidates can gain access to multiple placement opportunities by opting best Data Analytics institute in noida.

Data Analytics Certification Benefits

Data Analytics Course in Noida, Join Best Institute 2020 (8)

Benefits to Learn Data Analytics

Data Analytics Course in Noida, Join Best Institute 2020 (9)

  • Data Analytics is in high demand.
  • Data Analytics is a growing industry.
  • Data Analytics is Easy to learn.
  • Data Analytics provides Global reach.
  • Data Analytics have Ability to make faster and informative decision making.
  • Data Analytics provides Deeper understanding of customer requirements
  • Data Analytics Increased awareness of risk.
  • Data Analytics improves conversion rates.
  • Data Analytics provides better insight into the financial performance.
  • Data Analytics provides better ROI with better performance and loyalty.

Data Analytics Job Opportunities

Data Analytics Course in Noida, Join Best Institute 2020 (10)

There’s never been a better time to learn data analytics and enter the workforce as a data scientist. The job landscape is promising, opportunities span multiple industries and the nature of the job often allows for remote work flexibility and even self-employment. An estimated 2.7 million job postings for Data Analytics and Science are predicted in the United States by 2020.

Demand for knowledgeable data analytics professionals currently outweighs the supply, meaning that companies are willing to pay a premium to fill their open job positions. More and more companies are recognizing the importance of Big Data as a source to gain insights and make informed decisions. And Data Analytic specialists who can define Big Data, uncover hidden patterns, spot opportunities, and create insights for the betterment of a business are in high demand.

Job profiles for the Data Analytics Professional include:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Analyst

Why Choose Us?

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  • Data Analytics Course is constructed as per the IT industry standard.
  • Live Project Based Course.
  • One of the biggest team of Certified Expert & Competent Trainers.
  • Easy to understand study material.
  • Regular and Weekends classes for Data Analytics training is provided.
  • Interaction, analysis and case studies are an integral part of the training conducted.
  • Smart Labs with Real Latest Equipments.
  • Students are free to access the labs for an unlimited number of hours
  • Hostel Facilities are available at Rs. 5,500/month for students.
  • Free Study Material, PDFs, Video Courses, Sample Questions.
  • Globally Recognized Course Completion Certificate.
  • The ability to retake the class with membership card at no-charge as often as desired.
  • One-on-One attention from instructor.
  • Helps students to take knowledge of complex technical concepts.
  • Post Course Support will provided to the students.

Data Analytics Course in Noida, Join Best Institute 2020 (11)

Our Trainer's Profile

At TechVidya, We ensure our trainers are fully up-to-date to the content and having a handful knowledge of real-time projects and assignments of real world scenarios. Our Trainers at Techvidya are Certified Working Professionals with 10+ years of related experience. TechVidya's Data Analytics Trainers are experts in their field of domain and constantly upgrade themselves with new tools to impart the best training of a real working environment to the candidates. Our most of the Trainers are working in Multinational Companies like HCL, HP, Microsoft, TCS, IBM, Birlasoft etc. The quality of education is depends on the trainer experience and institution content. We at TechVidya, take care that our students get the maximum output with the right content delivery.

Enquiry for Data Analytics Course in Noida @8375966700

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Data Analytics Course Institute in Noida?

TechVidya is Noida's No.1 Data Analytics Course Institute and our statistics tell our story. We have 12+ years of experience in providing Data Analytics Course in noida and almost completed 320+ batches. In this period of time, we have trained 4000+ students with the highest placement record of 2430+ candidates. For enquiry, you can reach us @ +91-8375966700.

What is the duration of Data Analytics Course in Techvidya?

Data Analytics Course conducted by TechVidya is generally 2-3 months training program depending on the candidate qualification and experience. TechVidya also providing fast-track classes of Data Analytics to working professionals or students of which the standard time duration is 1-2 months. The program is designed in such a way that it is easy to learn and understandable to students including live project training.

What is the fee of Data Analytics Course?

Our Data Analytics Course fees is INR 22000/- which is quite very reasonable in the market while measuring all the factors like course quality, trainers experience, placement assistance etc. Occasionally, TechVidya also launching various promotional & festive offers on Data Analytics course fees where students can get further discount at the time of admission. There is special discount for group students also depending on size of students group getting enrolled with us.

What are the Job Opportunities in Data Analytics?

There are huge career opportunities in the field of Data Analytics. Some of Data Analytics Job Profiles are:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Analyst

Will Placement Assistance provided after completing the Data Analytics Course?

TechVidya leads in rendering placement assistance to our students with the help of dedicated placement cell and till now we've 85% placement record. We also help our students to get a foothold in the corporate world by providing them complete training as per industry requirement. Only proper knowledge and skill helps anybody to success in life and its the only formula that we implement in our students so that they able to achieve their dream jobs in companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Waymo, Accenture etc.


Which institute is best for data analytics course? ›

Top 10 Best Data Analytics Institutes in India for 2023
  • Goa Institute of Management. ...
  • IIM Calcutta. ...
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. ...
  • ISB Hyderabad. ...
  • Praxis Business School. ...
  • Presidency University, Bangalore. ...
  • School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad. ...
  • Loyola College, Chennai.
Dec 27, 2022

Can I learn Data Analytics in 3 months? ›

You can make use of the playlists to lean skills needed for a data analyst in 3 months. Remember this important point doing practical work is important than theory. Spend 20% time on theory and 80% time on implementing it.

Can I learn data analysis in 2 months? ›

Honestly saying in 2 months you can only understand WHAT is data science and HOW it is applied in industries to generate data-driven insights. To roughly understand Data Science you need at least 6 to 8 months and to become a Data Scientist you need 1 more month to build your resume and hunt for the job.

Can a certificate in data analytics get you a job? ›

If you're looking for a career in data analytics: yes! Gaining a certification in data analytics will equip you with all of the necessary skills and know-how required to land a job as a data analyst.

How many years course is data analytics? ›

Data Science is a full-time course of 3-years duration. The course comprises of study of domains of Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, and Computer Science.

Can I learn data analytics in 6 months? ›

With the right mix of skills and experience, you can become a data analyst in just six months. So if you're ready to make the switch, now is the time to start learning and building your experience.

Is data analytics easy job? ›

Because the skills needed to perform Data Analyst jobs can be highly technically demanding, data analysis can sometimes be more challenging to learn than other fields in technology.

Is data analytics easy to get a job? ›

In short: Data analysts are in high demand, putting newcomers in a great position. The jobs are there; as long as you've mastered (and can demonstrate) the right skills, there's nothing to stop you getting a foot in the door.

Is there a lot of math in data analytics? ›

As with any scientific career, data analysts require a strong grounding in mathematics to succeed. It may be necessary to review and, if necessary, improve your math skills before learning how to become a data analyst.

Can data analyst work from home? ›

As the data market grows and remote work continues to rise, data analysts will increasingly find opportunities for flexible, location-independent work. While it may prove more difficult for entry-level analysts to find a remote position, it's certainly possible.

What is the age limit for data analyst? ›

2. Designation: Data Analyst Max Age Limit: Not more than 45 Years as on the last date of receipt of application.

Is 40 too old to become a data analyst? ›

So despite industry ageism, a recent study by Zippia showed that the average age of data analysts in the U.S. is 43 years old. This takes us back to our titular question: are you too old to start a new career in data analytics? The short answer, in our opinion, is no.

How much does a data analytics course cost? ›

Data Analytics Course Fees in Diploma level is INR 9,300 – 2, 00, 000. Data Analytics Course Fees at the Undergraduate level are INR 90,000 – 21, 00,000. Data Analytics Course Fees at the Postgraduate level are INR 20,000 – 23,00,000.

Who is eligible for data analytics? ›

You must hold a degree in any relevant field, and should have domain knowledge in the area you are working in. If you are from a different background but wish to become a data analyst, it is possible if you have the required skill set.

How hard is data analytics? ›

Data analysis is neither a “hard” nor “soft” skill but is instead a process that involves a combination of both. Some of the technical skills that a data analyst must know include programming languages like Python, database tools like Excel, and data visualization tools like Tableau.

Is data analytics well paid? ›

Data Analysts are highly skilled professionals and as a result are often well paid.

Does data analytics require coding? ›

Some Data Analysts do have to code as part of their day-to-day work, but coding skills are not typically required for jobs in data analysis.

What are skills required for data analyst? ›

7 In-Demand Data Analyst Skills to Get You Hired in 2023
  • SQL. Structured Query Language, or SQL, is the standard language used to communicate with databases. ...
  • Statistical programming. ...
  • Machine learning. ...
  • Probability and statistics. ...
  • Data management. ...
  • Statistical visualization. ...
  • Econometrics.
Dec 20, 2022

Can I become a data analyst at 50? ›

You can become a data scientist at any age if you're willing to put in the work.

Can I be a data analyst without a degree? ›

A degree isn't always necessary to get hired as a data analyst. Data analysts are in demand, and employers want to know that you have the skills to do the job. If you don't have a degree, focus on making your portfolio shine with your best work.

How do I get a job in data analysis? ›

  1. Step 1: Learn The Essential Data Analysis Skills. Start with the basics of data analysis. ...
  2. Step 2: Get Qualified in Data Analysis. ...
  3. Step 3: Practice Your Data Analyst Skills. ...
  4. Step 4: Create A Data Analyst Portfolio of Projects. ...
  5. Step 5: Start Applying For Entry-Level Data Analyst Jobs.

Can I get a job in data analytics without experience? ›

If you're wondering how to become a Data Analyst with no experience in the field, your first step is to acquire the relevant data skills. Some of these skills are relatively easy to acquire individually, others are more complex.

Is data analyst a IT job? ›

Ans. Yes, Data analyst can be termed as an IT job similar to Software engineer, or Data scientist. data analyst works as a gatekeeper for data from an entity so that stakeholders can understand data and make informed business decisions using it.

Is data analytics a stressful job? ›

Several data professionals have defined data analytics as a stressful career. So, if you are someone planning on taking up data analytics and science as a career, it is high time that you rethink and make an informed decision.

What is the starting salary of data analyst in India? ›

According to PayScale, the average pay structure, based on experience, for Data Analysts is as follows: Entry Level (<1 yr of experience): ₹3,56,363 p.a. Early Career (1–4 yrs of experience): ₹5,20,000 p.a. Mid-career (5–9 yrs of experience): ₹8,50,000 p.a.

What is the hardest part of data analytics? ›

Collecting meaningful data

With the high volume of data available for businesses, collecting meaningful data is a big challenge. Ideally, employees spend much time sifting through the data to gain insights, which can be overwhelming.

What is the hardest part in data analysis? ›

Contrary to common belief, the hardest part of data science isn't building an accurate model or obtaining good, clean data. It is much harder to define feasible problems and come up with reasonable ways of measuring solutions.

Can I be a data analyst if I hate math? ›

One popular question that we always get asked is: “Dr. Lau, can I become a data scientist or data analyst if I am not good with math or statistics?” Well, Dr. Lau's reply is always yes you can.

Which is the best data analysis course 2022? ›

Udacity's "Data Analyst Nanodegree" is our pick for the very best online data analytics course for 2022. It's pricey, but you get what you pay for: 1-on-1 mentorship, CV/LinkedIn/Github profile optimization services, a comprehensive syllabus, real-world student projects, and more.

Which institute is best for business analytics? ›

The Top 10 Universities for Masters in Business Analytics Degrees in 2020
Global RankLocationUniversity
1United StatesMIT Sloan School of Management
2USUCLA Anderson School of Management
3France & SingaporeESSEC/CentraleSupélec
7 more rows

Where to start learning data analytics? ›

Here are some ideas for places to start:
  • Learn the basics of python or R programming.
  • Start interacting with data using SQL (Structured Query Language).
  • Brush up on your spreadsheet skills with an Excel class.
  • Get a refresher in statistics or linear algebra.
Jul 28, 2022

Which specialization is best in data analytics? ›

8 Data Science Specializations: Learn and Compare
  • Benefits of Specializing in an Area in Data Science.
  • Business Analytics and Intelligence.
  • Data Science With a Computational Track.
  • Data Engineering and Warehousing.
  • Database Management and Architecture.
  • Data Mining and Statistical Analysis.
  • Machine Learning.

Which company is best for data analyst job? ›

Top 10 Data Analyst Company
  • Accenture Analytics.
  • iTechArt.
  • Absolut Data.
  • Tableau.
  • Manthan Systems.
  • LatentView Analytics.
  • Oracle.
  • SG Analytics.
Jan 9, 2023

Which country is best for data analyst? ›

Best countries to work as Data Scientist in 2022
  • Bengaluru, India. ...
  • Average Salary: Rs. ...
  • Geneva, Switzerland. ...
  • Average Salary: 180,000 Swiss Fr (Franc) to 200,000 Swiss Fr (Franc) per annum.
  • Berlin, Germany. ...
  • Average Salary: €11,000 to €114,155 per annum.
  • London, United Kingdom. ...
  • Average Salary: £62,771 per annum.

What is the highest salary for data analytics? ›

As an operations analyst, you're likely to land a job at a large corporation instead of a small business. As an entry-level analyst, you should expect at least a $60,000 annual salary, while a senior analyst can make just over $70,000 on average—though the top earners often make six figures.

How many years is business analytics course? ›

Full Time (1 Year, 2 Year Business Analytics, etc.) In many colleges across India, business analytics is also offered as a subject in various bachelor courses, the duration of which will depend on various factors such as the country, the level, the degree specialization, the university, etc.

Is business analytics a high paying job? ›

Business analytics is one of the highest-paid data analytics jobs.

What are the best data analytics courses in India? ›

Data Analytics Course in India Online
  • Course 1. Data Transformation using Excel & Python.
  • Course 2. Data wrangling with SQL.
  • Course 3. Presto.
  • Course 4. Intro to Data Science & Statistics.
  • Course 5. Business Problem Solving.
  • Course 6. Optimization Techniques.
  • Course 7. KNIME.
  • Course 8. Statistics and ML using R Programming.

Is data analytics easy or hard? ›

Because the skills needed to perform Data Analyst jobs can be highly technically demanding, data analysis can sometimes be more challenging to learn than other fields in technology.

How much does data analysis course cost? ›

Data Analytics Course Fees in Diploma level is INR 9,300 – 2, 00, 000. Data Analytics Course Fees at the Undergraduate level are INR 90,000 – 21, 00,000. Data Analytics Course Fees at the Postgraduate level are INR 20,000 – 23,00,000.

Which language is best for data analytics? ›

Data analysts use SQL (Structured Query Language) to communicate with databases, but when it comes to cleaning, manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing data, you're looking at either Python or R.


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